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In the middle of the French countryside, surrounded by the golden wheat and the corn green field, we find ourselves in a family farm made up of several constructions. In the center, a manor house from the beginning of the last century, designed by a Spanish architect, is set to house the third generation that will continue with enthusiasm and commitment to the family business.

The project for this young family is a reform of the ground floor to accommodate it to their daily lifestyle.

We recovered the access to the house through the main entrance and left intact the living room which is reserved for large family receptions. The new day zone is organized in the southern part of the house, privileging the best sun. We understand cooking as the focus of family life, so we designed a beautiful and multifunctional space, bright, cozy and overlooking the garden.

Being a house with history, the reform respects to the maximum the preexistence so the new part coexists with the old in a natural way, pondering its character and its essence of country house.

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