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PHI TABLE is a collection of coffee tables / side tables, consisting of a circular top and two legs that assemble in a cross shape, creating a vault.

It has two positions, with the legs facing upwards and with the legs facing downwards, making it very versatile and combinable.

Whether used as a coffee table, side table, or nightstand, its geometric and colorful aesthetics make it a timeless and cheerful piece for any interior.

The PHI TABLE consists of three pieces that can be assembled and disassembled very easily without the need for screws, fasteners, or tools.

The beauty of pure geometry: the design describes a perfect circle that levitates over the vault generated by the empty space between the two legs joined in a cross shape.



NUBE: #abcbc9
VERANO: feee98
SOL: f9da62
  • Designer / Elvira Guardia

    Origin / Spain 

    Year of Design / 2015

     Delivery Time / 5 to 8 weeks

    PHI TABLE is a collection of coffee / side tables, consisting of a circular tabletop and two legs that are assembled in the form of a cross, creating a vault.


    • Structure and tabletop: lacquered wood. Note: The PHI TABLE logo and the signature of ELVIRA GUARDIA are stamped on the base of the table.

    For other finishes, contact us.


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