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The HÉRA totem is a cylindrical wardrobe made of solid oak wood.


Perfect as a side table or nightstand, or as a bathroom cabinet with a bowl as a sink.


This piece was created for the project CASA HORITZÓ. It arises from the organic yet solid shapes of the project and its artisanal attitude, where the wood is exalted in its raw and solid form, displaying its most honest skin with a waxed finish to protect it from moisture.


  • Designer / Elvira Guardia

    Origin / Spain

    Design year / 2022

    Delivery time / 5 to 8 weeks


    The HÉRA totem can function as a side table in any room of the house or as a bathroom cabinet. It has a front door and inside, a shelf positioned at mid-height. 


    • Solid oak wood.

    The signature of ELVIRA GUARDIA is stamped on the base.

    For other finishes, please contact us.



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