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Elvira Guardia con sus Phi Table

The PHI TABLE is a furniture multifunctional design.

Composed of only three pieces to be assembled and disassembled very simply.
No screws, fixings or tools needed.
Packs and folds perfectly into a flat box for storage.

It has two distinct positions: legs looking up or legs looking down.

The starting creative point of design is the efficiency, so much the material optimization as the quick snap-in mounting.
We optimise the material for quick snap mounting, creating less waste and easy construction.
In this way, we are left with the beauty of pure geometry.
The design describes a perfect circle levitating above the vault generated by the void in-between the two legs joined together in a cross shape. 

Available in a variety of materials, finishes, colours and combinations.


Leonardo da Vinci managed to draw the perfect square of the circle with Vitruvius' man inscribed in a square and a circle whose side and radius, respectively, maintain the golden proportion of the golden module also represented by the Greek letter φ.

The design of the Phi Tables is a nod to this geometrical condition since its design starts from the inscription of a circle on a nearly square board to obtain its three pieces. They are assembled without the need for screws. A circular board that levitates on top of a vault generated by the gap between the two legs assembled in the form of a cross. It is stored in a single plane and has two positions: with the legs up and down.

Elvira Guardia con uno de sus diseños de mueble la mesita Phi Table para Elvira Guardia Casa
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