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Interior design of these offices serving as a digital innovation center in Barcelona, 1500 m2 for Roquet Digital.

Corporate Interior Design Plan Spacehub Offices Rocket Digital Barcelona

The SPACEHUB is a new office concept created for the digital marketing companies ROCKETROI and SPACEBOOST in Barcelona.

The space is designed to accompany its users, be highly functional, and drive their activity. The office becomes the ship that allows its 120 creatives to travel far with their imagination.

The space must activate their curiosity, invite them to play, and at the same time, be very comfortable for both individual and team work.

On the other hand, the creative starting point is to translate the technological and innovative DNA that defines these two young companies into architectural space.

Inhabiting the SPACEHUB becomes an immersive and honest experience as the space speaks of the brand, its activity, and its philosophy.

A space of 1,500 m2 divided into three parts: the Open Space and the Hall; the Meeting Area, where the meeting rooms are located; and on the upper floor, the cafeteria and the events lounge.

The Open Space is a vast area, without windows and with skylights. This large work habitat is only punctuated by a rhythm of exposed concrete pillars, respecting and maintaining the industrial character of the original warehouse. Reinforced by the tectonics of the raw pillars and a continuous stone floor, in a very light gray, so that the light entering through the skylights bounces generating a diffuse luminous reverberation very pleasant for the work environment.

All installations were left visible on the ceiling (cables, pipes...), showing them makes the project very naked, very sincere, connecting the high-tech aesthetics with the company's language.

The project is particularly attentive to ensuring that the large non-domestic space is also very pleasant, with great care taken to work on the most tactile part, the furniture, with wood as a warm and soft surface material generating the perfect counterpoint to the cold and stony container.

We have also used color as a plastic resource to generate micro spaces within the macro space. For example, in the Coffee Corner or in the Phone Booths (individual capsules separated from the Open Space where workers can make conference calls in a space of intimacy). On the outside, they manifest themselves in a chromatic sequence of ten modules rotated at 45º, generating a undulation in the space and a multiplicity of interesting viewpoints from the collective workspace. The interior of each one is a colorful shelter from which to tangentially view the exterior space without being seen.

As a virtual separation element, we created wooden screens in a zigzag pattern, which filter the views and allow the freshness of the vegetal element to be incorporated into the vertical plane.

The meeting rooms, although all maintaining an aesthetic discourse, are unique in their color and size, favoring different types of meetings. For example, in one of the rooms, we created a stepped topography like an agora that functions as a small auditorium.

The entire space is designed to adapt to the daily challenges of its workers and make them happy in their day to day.