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This timeless apartment with sweeping views of the horizon is built like a rock sculpture, making its owners feel like part of nature and the stunning landscape.

Moodboard materials Casa Horitzó

This home, located in Garraf, Catalonia, pays homage to the endless blue line. A fan-shaped geometry of sinuous lines draws interiors that intertwine to offer themselves to the landscape.

The interior quiets down with simple, undulating lines to embrace the roar of the waves and the Mediterranean sun. The space is conceived as a carved solid, like a rock eroded by the sea. To reinforce this rocky character, the walls and ceilings are coated with stone-colored stucco, understanding the space as a "whole". This includes closet doors and rooms that blend into the curved skin of the vertical partitions.

The kitchen, with views, is built with a backdrop of golden onyx like the reflections of the sun on the water. Wood is reserved for the most domestic part of the home: the furniture, the bar, and a line that runs through the main room at eye level, allowing the interior atmosphere to take over the horizon line of the landscape, thus creating fusion and continuity between interior and exterior. The floor, in mink-colored stone, laid with a variation of the Roman opus, creates a geometric carpet that extends throughout the house.

In this project, we have paid special attention to lighting, crucial for creating the necessary cozy atmosphere. Therefore, we have been accompanied by the delicacy and expertise of lighting designer Jordi Saladié.

Warm and fresh at the same time, this home is ready to make its inhabitants happy ;)

Architecture and design:                Elvira Guardia
Project Management:                    Eduard Mayans
Lighting study:                              Jordi Saladié, Saladie Light Studio
Carpentry and joinery:                  Josep Maria Pons & Kevin Masagu
Pallet shop:                                 Miguel Checa
Facilities:                                    Ivan Ortiz IOFINSTALACIONES,
Ceramics and taps:                      Matter Barcelona


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