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A kitchen dressed in gold, glazed and open to the living room, and an endless array of reflections and noble materials define the refined and warm domestic atmosphere of this Barcelona family home located in the prestigious neighborhood of Pedralbes.


Casa Rubió distribution plan
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Diving into the adventure of creating this personalized and tailor-made home for my clients has been a privilege. The trust they have placed in me has been the compass in a journey filled with dreams and carefully crafted details.

In the transformation project of Casa Rubió, we started with an old house from the 1970s to bring to life a cosmopolitan, elegant, and welcoming home. Our vision included maximizing light and creating spaces conducive to family life.

The key to this radical change involved almost complete demolition, creating more open spaces, and strategically locating the kitchen at the heart of the home. Designed as a central courtyard with a curved and glazed envelope, the kitchen transforms with sliding openings, translucent and mirrored panels, multiplying perspectives and expanding space.

The entrance hall, clad in wood, and the earth-tone marble carpet create an elegant transition to the rest of the rooms.

Regarding the tectonic palette, we opted for noble, durable, neutral, and warm materials, rich in textures and shades.

The choice of champagne-colored cladding, which encompasses both the kitchen envelope and the bedroom doors, creates golden flashes as the sunlight advances throughout the day.

Parquet floors bring warmth in both daytime and nighttime areas, while stone in the central area, kitchen, and bathrooms provides clarity. The large library in the living room, the oval table in the dining room, and the kitchen island clad in stone were designed to harmoniously blend with the space.

In the suite, dressing room, and bathroom, the play of materials is the same as the rest of the house, but they are combined differently, maintaining the language of the rest of the home while providing uniqueness.

Every detail has been carefully designed and crafted, wooden handles, brass knobs, travertine skirting boards, metal finger pulls, curved glass, oak false ceilings...

Every corner of Casa Rubió is a synthesis of design, functionality, and warmth, the result of close collaboration between the homeowners and our design team.

Architecture and design:                     Elvira Guardia
Project Management:                          Eduard Mayans
Carpentry and joinery:                       Josep Maria Pons & Kevin Masagu
Facilities:                                           Ivan Ortiz IOFINSTALACIONES,
Ceramics and taps:                            JÒDUL Barcelona


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